"Once you choose hope, anything is possible."

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The Grief Journey

Happy Monday! The loss of a person, a situation, a job or an object. It’s a change in circumstances, a relationship, or situations. The loss of a role or a dream. The process of holding what you needed and wanted, but never received. This can be through an actual death, distance or just an ending…

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Uncover Your Life’s Narrative: Healing and Empowerment

Happy Saturday! Do you know your story? We all have a story that defines who we are, why we feel what we feel, believe what we believe and perceive the world the way we do. Our stories are what happened to us, or what didn’t happen, what we experienced, the messages we received or didn’t…

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Facing Denial: The Path to Healing and Self-Liberation

Happy Thursday ! Denial: Refusal to see, hold, admit the reality of the truth of something unpleasant, painful or devastating I’ve been sitting with the word denial and pondering over how often we use this defense mechanism or coping skill and the benefits and consequences of its usage. We use denial so much that we…

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Adjusting Your Lens

Happy Wednesday ! ADJUSTING YOUR LENS: Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life, we get what we need to grow, become more conscious, more self-aware and experience more freedom and healing. While it can be disappointing at first, if we look at it through a lens of deficit. Often the pain, grief or…

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What are you really grieving?

There is often so much emphasis in trauma recovery to focus on what did happen that was hurtful, that often one can be clueless to be aware of what didn’t happen for you as a child that should have. Attachment trauma(wounds, breaches) can be experienced in many ways. Being ignored emotionally, physically or relationally for…

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Life Is a Beautiful and Often Difficult and Challenging Dance

Happy Monday! Life is a beautiful and often difficult and challenging dance. In the dance of life we often do not know the steps and we can feel awkward. Some dances are difficult, confusing and can cause us injury when we engage and sometimes fall. We have to adjust, rest and maybe take more time…

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Navigating Transformation and Growth

Moving forward often demands that we live lost, knowingly surrendering our attachment to who we think we are, voluntarily stumbling around in the dark with little to guide us. Growing is all about leaps into the seeming unknown. If there was one skill that I could not have done without on my spiritual journey, it…

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Outdated Survival Patterns

Happy Thursday ! Outdated Survival Patterns Outdated & repeated patterns don’t produce new outcomes and healing experiences. There is a term called repetition compulsion where we are drawn to or put ourselves in similar hurtful situations from our past in an attempt to have a corrective experience. This rarely ever produces the desired results for…

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embracing your fears

Embracing Your Fears

Fear is an energy created by our survival system. Our alarm center of our brain called our amgydala reads cues in the environment for potentially threats and then sends a signal for our fight/flight system to get activated. Our memory center in our brains records what is dangerous and works with our amgydala to decide…

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