Happy Wednesday ! 📷


Sometimes we don’t get what we want in life, we get what we need to grow, become more conscious, more self-aware and experience more freedom and healing.

While it can be disappointing at first, if we look at it through a lens of deficit. Often the pain, grief or feelings of rejection cloud our vision. We will have to give significant time to process these big emotions that can obstruct your view.

Once you decrease the intensity of emotions, it is important to ask what’s the lesson or open our eyes to discover what is really available. We may actually find a hidden gift. There may be a significant growth and healing opportunity in this circumstance that has arrived on your path. The lack of something you received actually allowed for something else to present itself.

The gift of knowing yourself in a deeper way, the chance to show up for yourself with kindness, compassion and love. An opportunity to heal something that was pushed out of your conscious awareness. A time to grieve and heal from something that was driving so much of your unhealthy behaviors, your choices, reactions or survival responses. A chance for someone, or something else to develop or arrive that is more important or even better than what your did not receive.

We see only in part, God knows what our entire journey will be. Learning to trust in the midst of disappointment, grief or confusion can be difficult. Often we only can see what our next step is going to be. The Universe presents unique and challenging opportunities for our transformation…if we are open. The same lessons present themselves not for the purpose of pain, but for real growth, healing and permanent change.

Learning to trust your journey even when you don’t understand it is so important for our healing process. Trusting when there is uncertainty and big changes can be incredibly challenging.

I hope you choose to be open to seeing your situation from a different perspective.

Adjust your lens for a new perspective and see what you might discover.

Continue to be open-hearted and open -minded there is always something to learn in every situation, loss or challenge that presents itself. 🙏🏻

Kelli Leader Cook

Hopeful Insights Consulting