Happy Monday! πŸ˜ŠπŸ•Ί

Life is a beautiful and often difficult and challenging dance.

In the dance of life we often do not know the steps and we can feel awkward. Some dances are difficult, confusing and can cause us injury when we engage and sometimes fall. We have to adjust, rest and maybe take more time to heal before return to fully dancing. We might need to seek the guidance of someone who knows how to master this type of dance. Getting professional instruction or guidance can be so beneficial.

Who you allow on your dance floor is very important. You always have a choice in what partner you choose. There are some people who come in only for a short dance. You learn some valuable new steps and ways of moving. Some people show up and step on our toes or create an injury by their carelessness, clumsiness or over-leading. We can learn valuable lessons about what dance partners and moves are healthy for us. Some dance partners leave us to dance with someone else, while this might be painful there is always growth and a lesson in every dance and every partner. Very often they lead us to repair wounds or broken bones that we never previously addressed properly in our earlier dances.

Some dance partners are there to just be present with you and be there to spin you around and move you in a different direction. Some come to teach you important steps so that you may dance on your own.

There are times you will need to dance on your own so you can learn that you are a beautiful, talented and a resilient dancer.

A time where you learn to love yourself and to be proud that you can dance beautifully all by yourself.

There are people who come onto your dance floor just to watch and cheer at how marvelous and amazing you are. They are there to remind you of how talented and capable you are to learn this new dance and shine.

Some people become a permanent dance partner, if you have experienced this consider yourself extremely blessed. Don’t take your consistent dance or partner for granted. Nurture and honor your dance and your partner.

Whatever you do, don’t stop getting back on the dance floor of your life. On hard days it’s okay to sit on the bench for a while and rest. Always remember life keeps moving and it’s up to you to decide to dance and move with the Divine Rhythm of your life. You always have a Divine dance partner. The more you practice listening to your intuition or Divine leading the better you become at dancing in alignment.

I hope you give your self permission to dance like you love yourself and your one precious life!

I hope you are open to different dances and different partners and the value that it brings. May you continue to be open to find a healthier rhythm that brings more joy, ease, and freedom into your life.

You absolutely deserve a beautiful dance. πŸ™πŸ»

I hope you keep dancing! πŸ’ƒπŸΌ

Kelli Leader Cook

Hopeful Insights Consulting