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Trauma Therapy

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars

Service Description

We all have certain events in our lives that leave an impact. Trauma can be the result of overwhelming or terrifying events or situation. A person may experience an actual event or be a witness to an incident. It’s not the event that makes something traumatic, it’s a person’s reaction to the event. Some events can cause significant changes in your ability to regulate your emotions, thoughts, sleep, behaviors and bodily reactions. In order to heal from traumatic experiences one will often need specialized care. The good news is that we have wonderful neuroscience-based techniques that can help a person recovery from the impact of trauma. Techniques like EMDR, & Somatic experiencing, Somatic attachment, Mindfulness, Yoga are wonderful tools that help build resiliency and aid in the healing process. Websites: Somatic Experiencing: EMDR:

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