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“Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”

- Stephen R. Covey

Stress Management & Resiliency Training

Stress Management & Resiliency Training

A 4-hour experiential workshop that provides in-depth knowledge about the human stress-response system & effective neuroscience-based strategies to reduce, regulate, and recover from overwhelming experiences.


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Unregulated Stress

Can impact us in many ways: emotionally, mentally, and physically. High-performing individuals often find themselves having trouble sleeping, experiencing high blood pressure, somatic symptoms, depression, and anxiety. They may feel chronic fatigue, easily agitated, and not like the energetic and ambitious person they used to be. Failing to address the ever-increasing stressors in life can eventually lead to burnout and even serious health consequences.

Main Sources of Stress

This workshop helps participants to identify the main sources of stress in their personal and professional life, equips them with a variety of strategies to mitigate the impact of stress and learn how to engage in better self-care. Once these unique regulation tools are put into practice, participants will to begin to feel renewed, relaxed, balanced, and able to move toward better health and well-being physically, mentally, relationally, and spiritually.

Trauma Informed Care Training Price Varies

The Kaiser Permanente ACEs study was a large-scale investigation conducted in the mid-1990s to examine how childhood abuse, neglect, and household challenges affect health and well-being later in life. The study found a direct link between childhood trauma and adult onset of chronic disease, incarceration, and employment challenges.

Trauma-Informed Care is a 4-hour comprehensive workshop designed to increase awareness of the wide-reaching impact of trauma & stress within individuals, to help move participants & organizations toward practical trauma-informed care, increase compassion, and provide participants with effective tools to be able to manage and respond to trauma & stress within their personal & professional lives.

Trauma Informed Care Training
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Trauma-Informed Health Care Agency

Schools: Trauma-Informed, Trauma-Sensitive & Trauma Responsive Schools Training

Schools play a significant role in supporting the health and well-being of children and youth, including those affected by traumatic experiences. In a trauma-sensitive school, all aspects of the educational environment—from workforce training to engagement with students and families to procedures and policies—are grounded in an understanding of trauma and its impact and are designed to promote resilience for all.

Trauma-Informed Schools

The Trauma-Informed Schools Training offers school and district administrators and staff a framework and roadmap for adopting a trauma-sensitive approach school. This training includes a variety of resources for educating school staff about trauma and trauma-sensitive practices and a road map to developing a trauma informed champion team for each system. This training provides an avenue to transform your school culture to obtain better results in relating and regulating students and staff’s experience, responses and overall well-being.

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional Intelligence Training

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the capacity to recognize and control one's own emotions as well as comprehend the emotions of others. This 6-hour workshop discussing the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Self Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management, that provide participants with the tools to gain control over emotions, navigate challenging situations, & communicate empathetically.


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Research Reveals

that organizations that possess higher levels of emotional intelligence have the capacity to decrease occupational stress, reduce staff turnover, increased leadership ability, improve consumer and employee satisfaction, improve decision-making, and improve team performance.

Trauma-Sensitive Training

A 2-hour adjunct workshop used in combination with our Stress Management & Resiliency or Emotional Intelligence trainings. This workshop is a broad overview of our Trauma-Informed Care Training & helps participants to understand how trauma & toxic stress impact the overall function of the body & long-term health outcomes.

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Workshop Consultation

Workshop Consultation 30 Minutes | Free

Schedule your free 30 minute virtual or phone consultation to answer any questions you may have about how we can help your organization.

Case Consulting

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Case Consulting
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Yoga Nidra

I incorporate yoga and meditation in my individual practice and my trainings.

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Trauma Therapy

Individual Trauma Therapy Subject To Availability

We all have certain events in our lives that leave an impact. Trauma can be the result of overwhelming or terrifying events or situation. A person may experience an actual event or be a witness to an incident. It's not the event that makes something traumatic. it's a person's reaction to the event. Some events can cause significant changes in your ability to regulate your emotions. thoughts. sleep, behaviors and bodily reactions. In order to heal from traumatic experiences one will often need specialized care. The good news is that we have wonderful neuroscience-based techniques that can help a person recovery from the impact of trauma.

Individual Trauma Therapy Consultation 30 Minutes | $75


EMDR, & Somatic Experiencing, Somatic attachment, Mindfulness, Yoga are wonderful tools that help build resiliency and aid in the healing process.

Somatic Experiencing: